Carrier Dispatch Services

Carrier Dispatch Services are in our blood.  With over 20 years of Carrier Agent and management services, IS Logistics was founded to deliver real value to carriers. We believe that creating connections between carriers and shippers leads to increased transparency and better all-around service.

IS Logistics is dedicated to delivering real value to Carriers. We utilize a shipper load board where our shippers can directly post loads for our network of carriers and our carriers can automatically accept the load or offer an alternative quotation.

Dedicated Carrier Agent Support

We offer owner/operators and carriers the support and services they really need!  When you work with IS Logistics, we register you with a series of key broker partners and load boards.  You will receive support from a Carrier Agent dedicated to finding loads that you can book directly through our load board(s). We provide 24/7 dispatch support no matter where you are in the US. We do all the legwork, so you can keep driving.

Once we find a load, you’ll go to the load board to accept the load and be on your way.

How our program works

An IS Logistics Carrier Agent will review our Dispatch Agreement with you and once you've signed it, we'll register you with our broker partner(s). We'll do all the set-up and submit your paperwork on your behalf.  You'll receive a login and password which you can use to confirm your agreement and initiate the program.

IS Logistics and our broker partners make accepting loads and invoicing upon delivery a simple process completed through our load board. Your Carrier Agent will identify the load for you and all you'll do is login and either accept the load or provide your price. You can also search for and accept additional loads directly.  Then, you can bill directly through the board, no separate billing of the shipper or broker required.

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